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Chicken Massaman

Chicken Massaman

Serve: 1-2


250 gram                                  Chicken breast or thigh-chunky cut

300 gram                                  Cooked potato

80 gram                                    Onion-chunky cut

30 gram                                    Cashew nut

250 ml                                      Thai coconut milk

1-2 tablespoon                           Massaman curry paste  

1/2 tablespoon                           Oyster sauce

1 teaspoon                                 Sugar

2-3 tablespoon                           Vegetable oil






– Heat the oil in a nonstick frying pan. Fry the chicken and cooked potatoes for about 5 minutes or until the skin turns slightly caramelized and crispy. Remove the chicken and potatoes out of the pan and set aside.

-In the same pan, in goes the onion, and Massaman curry paste. Gently fry until the paste infused (approx 4-5 minutes).

-Add the Thai coconut milk. Mix the paste and coconut milk well. Bring it to boil.

-Place the chicken and potatoes back in the pan. Season with the oyster sauce and sugar, fold gently.

-Bring the sauce to boiled and simmer for further 10 minutes. 

-Scatter the cashew nuts on top and serve this comforting curry with Thai Jasmine rice and vegetable of your choice. 


– Fancy making Massaman Curry Paste from scratch: Click here for Homemade Lamb Massaman Curry

-Feel free the replace cashew nuts with peanuts just like an authentic recipe. 

-Curry paste can get easily burnt. Keep an eye on it at all times when frying the paste 


Chicken Massaman





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