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Our Recipes

Enjoy Real Thai Recipes

This popular Vegan Thai dish often served at the Thai Vegetarian Festival in October. It’s soft, juicy, and flavourful. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Paprika Pumpkin Alfredo

Not so Thai, but I’m so proud to present you with my creamy plant-based sauce. Nutrients, tasty and comforting. Perfect for autumn. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Thai Green Curry Pea Soup

Let’s make the canned food great again! Comforting, easy, delicious, and plant-based benefits Happy Cooking ??‍?

Son in Law Eggs

Great name but the taste even greater. Sweet , sour, salty, sticky  and absolutely delicious. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Mushroom and Chilli Stroganoff

Take a family favorite dish, add a bit of chili for a Thai twist. Enjoy this Gluten-free dish with Thai Sticky rice. Surprisingly delicious.  Happy Cooking ??‍?


Simple Chow Mein, No fuss but full of rainbow veggies. Happy Tummy. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pad Prik King

This iconic Thai dish is super tasty with an intense combination of sweet, salty, and spiciness. It will make you fall in love with a mid-week meal again.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Roasted Squash on Spiced Barley Risotto

This Vegan dish is perfect for Autumn. A little kick from spices will take comfort food to the next level. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Chard Stir-Fry with Chilli

Inspired by ‘Pak-Boong-Fai-Dang’ AKA Morning Glory Stir-Fry with Chilli. One of the famous Thai Street Food side dish.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Curry Puff Pastry

Lazy Open Puff Patry inspired by Curry Puff. A quick lunch or mid-week cheat dinner. Easy and delicious. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Larb Woon Sen (Vegan)

This aromatic Thai spicy salad-Vegan way. Perfect as a side dish with a little kick from the chili. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Chicken Curry Noodles

Flavorsome noodle soup with substance. Herbs and spices will awaken all your senses. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Curry Tuna Spaghetti

Inspired by ” Khanom-Jeen-Nam-Ya” which uses the hand squeeze rice noodles. I op in the spaghetti which has a similar shape and easy to find in UK supermarkets. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Spicy Beans on Toast

My new brunch goal. Beans on toast with an Asian twist. Great way to start your day. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Teriyaki Salmon

Teriyaki Salmon. Super lazy, skinny, easy mid-week meal has landed. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Thai Yellow Curry (Vegan)

Another famous Thai Curry. Vegan way, delicious and still packed full with flavor as always. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Sweet and Sour Jackfruit (Vegan)

Jack fruit is truly popular in Thailand. Some found it quite bland but it can hold such an intense flavor like sweet and sour sauce very well. Great with flatbread, burger buns, or even wrap. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Mar Hor (Vegan)

Mar Hor (Vegan) is a fresh, light yet full of flavors. It is pretty and easy to prepare. A show stopper canape indeed.Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pineapple Fried Rice (Vegan)

Most famous Thai fried rice. A show stopper, wholesome yet refreshing. This is vegan version. Scroll down for an original recipe. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Finally, I have found the Western version of ‘Nam-Prick’ The famous Thai chilli dipper. Cheese pate with a gentle kick of chilli. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Super Good Thai Burger

This nutritious burger is inspired by nature, delivers to many health-conscious Thai food lovers out there. Happy Cooking. 


This dish inspired by “Pla-Kem” or Sun-dried salted fish. The zinginess of Thai dressing enhances the intensity of Anchovy. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Cheat's Pad Thai

Improvisation at its best! Vegan Pad Thai as you know it but with easy access ingredients from your local green groceries.. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Tom Yum Goong

The famous To Yum Goong is here everyone. This aromatic, tantalize and fresh soup will wake up all your senses.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Socca with Asparagus Rendang

This is a great dish to use up the gram/chickpea flour which high in plant protein and gluten-free. The recipe is vegetarian but can be vegan. Good all round indeed. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Spaghetti in peanut sauce

Super speedy spaghetti with creamy peanut sauce. With a little kick from chili and fresh lime juice, make this vegan dish exciting indeed. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Crispy Vietnamese Crepe

This light crispy crepe is inspired by Banh Xeo. It is light, healthy, and nutritious. Great as an alternative breakfast too. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Kimchi Fried Rice

What a great way to use up your leftover cooked rice. This vegetarian dish is easy, tasty and not many ingredients at all.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Spicy Salmon and Potato Cake

A great recipe if you wanted to make the humble fish cake a bit more interesting and still kids friendly.Happy Cooking ??‍?

Vegan Mince Kra Pao

Pad -Kra-Prao aka Chili and basil stir-fried, is an all-time favorite for Thai food lovers. This is a full flavor vegan version of this famous dish.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Vegetable Curry Puff Pastry

My kids love this dish. Crispy outside, flavorsome in the middle, delicious and nutritious overall. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Mee Ka Ti

Less well known but rather ancient Thai dish. This is a lazy and vegetarian version but pack full of nutritions. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Thai Chicken Soup

Thai Chicken Soup is a great spring dish. Light yet comforting. Pack full of nutritions. Have it with rice, pasta or on its own. It’s all good. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Red Curry Prawn Stir-Fry

This is one of my favorite dishes. It’s easy, flavorsome, nutrients. Less than 15 minutes to cook. No excuse to try then. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Vegan Som Tum

This is an adapted Som-Tum recipe. Not only it’s vegan (which hard to find as it often contained fish sauce), but also using local British produces. Well executed. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Halloumi and Lentil Curry

I love this dish as it is nutritious but not compromise in the deliciousness. You can use paneer or tofu too. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pad Kee Mao

Pad Kee Mao or Drunken Noodles is a very popular dish among Thai street food diners. The herbs and spices bring bland rice noodles back to life. Wake up all your senses after alcohol session, I guess! Happy Cooking ??‍?

Instant Noodles Stir-Fried with Bockwurst

Don’t laugh me but this instant noodles stir-fried with bockwurst is one of my guilty pleasure. Quick, easy and fill your tummy. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Roast Cauliflower in Curry Sauce (Vegan)

Vegan recipe to use up great British produce and those exotic spices in your cupboard. One in five a day. A perfect guilt-free dish.Happy Cooking 

Beans Curry

I do love this dish. Packed full of plants protein, high in fiber and satisfying. Eat it with flatbread, roti, soft tortilla or rice. It’s all good. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Tamarind Coconut Dip

This dish inspired by ‘Khao-Tung-Na-Tung’. One of my favorite Thai canapes. Dip it with prawn cracker, rice cracker, rice cake or celery of the healthy option. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Asian Kedgeree

This lovely dish is super easy to prepare. The slight saltiness of smoked fish, aromatic spices, and creamy egg yolk make this dish such an all-time comforting breakfast. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Red Curry Mac 'n' Cheese

Red Curry Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Ultimate comfort food with the twist and a sense of adventure.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Crispy Tofu

Crispy Tofu AKA ‘Tao-Hoo-Tod’ Such a humble Thai snack/starter which remind me of my childhood. It is super easy to make, crispy outside and soft inside… yummm…Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pineapple and Prawn Curry

This fresh yet comforting curry is a big hit among kiddies and grown-ups. It is perfect for a mid-week meal. I can guarantee that everyone will fall in love with your food. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Beansprouts Stir-Fried (Vegan)

Beansprouts Stir-Fried AKA Pad-Tua-Ngok is one of the cheap eats Thai dishes but packed full of nutritional value. It is quick to cook and easy to enjoy.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Kra Pow Fried Rice (Vegan)

Kra Pow Fried Rice AKA Thai Spicy Basil Fried Rice. This aromatic dish is super popular among Street food enthusiasts. Perfect if you wanted to re-vamp your leftover vegetable too. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Thai Fish Pie

Thai Fish Pie, a classic dish with a Thai twist. The tantalizing Thai curry paste cut through the creaminess of this classic dish. Old but not boring it is. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Char siu Pork

The Nation favorite Take Away dish recipe is here! Try this delicious recipe and deliciousness of natural flavor. Who needs the takeaway, if you can make it yourself. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Char Siu Chow Mein

Another Nation’s favorite Chinese/Thai dish that you can cook at home in  15 minutes Who needs the takeaway if you can fakeaway. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Chicken Massaman

This is a one-pot darling that I absolutely adore. Its mild spiced yet comforting and velvety curry is a whole family favorite. Less than 30 minutes to cook. No excuse to make this tonight.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Tofu with Ginger and Spring Onion

Simple, quick, easy, delicious, you will be mad not to make this to impress your vegan’s friends and perhaps yourself. Plantbased will never be so flavorsome.Happy Cooking ??‍?

Tofu Nuggets

Tofu nuggets is a great way to introduce bean curd. This is a vegan recipe that super easy to make. You can have it with rice and sweet chili sauce or a sandwich with fries. It is all good.  Happy Cooking.

Tofu Tempura Noodles Soup

Tofu Tempura Noodles Soup is a quick cook soup that warms your tummy and super easy to make. I love the crispiness of the batter with the soft silky rice noodles. Happy Cooking.

Sweetcorn Winter Salad

Sweetcorn Winter Thai Salad is one of my goes to easy peasy dishes when I wanted something comforting but not making me sluggish afterward. Thanks to fresh lemon juice and herbs. Happy Cooking.

Chinese Style Pork with Rice Noodles

This is my Chinese New Year goes to dish. it is super flavourful, quick and easy enough. So you will have time to celebrate with your family. Happy Cooking.

Brussels Sprouts in Soya Bean Paste

Try the easy vegan Thai recipe and turns this notorious veg to a sexy beast. Perfect as an alternative X’Mas side dish or bring the leftover back to live on boxing day!! Happy Cooking.

Prawn Thai Green Curry

This is such a great midweek meal as prawn is often quick to cook. It is one of the ultimate comforting food but still fresh and delicious. Perfect to cure the winter blue.Happy Cooking.

Tom Kha Hed

Tom Kha Hed is a perfect choice on a cold day. The coconut milk added the creaminess which turns this fresh soup to ultimate comfort food. Happy Cooking.

Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce

This show stopper dish is a perfect choice for an alternative Christmas dinner. It is a one-pot dish. So you will have plenty of energy to enjoy the meal with your loved one/s.Happy Cooking.

Panang Sea Bass is a true show stopper.No ones know that it is super easy to make and absolutely delicious. Happy Cooking.

Sweet and Zesty Prawns Fried Rice

Zesty Prawn Fried Rice. Another mid-week hero! It is flavourful, nutritious and super quick to cook. Happy Cooking.

Curried Spaghetti

Curried Spaghetti is an ultimate East meets West comfort food yet packed full of nutritions. Quick to cook, easy to make an all-time family favorite. 

Tom Yum Spaghetti

Tom Yum Spaghetti. Combined two special recipes in one. Tom Yum Soup and Pasta. Result? A fresh, flavor bomb yet comforting dish for the whole family.  

Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

Ginger Chicken Stir Fry is an easy, nutritional Thai dish that can be done within 15 minutes. Perfect for a mid-week meal. Happy Cooking.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken with Thai twist is velvety, comforting, luscious yet not sickening. It is one of my absolute must-try dish for this autumn and winter. Happy Cooking.

Stir-Fried Noodles

Stir-Fried Noodles is a 15 minutes mid-week meal. Great for vegetarians. No need to Take Away as you can Fakeaway.  Happy Cooking.

Zesty Tofu (Vegan)

Who said Vegan is bland? Wait until you try this Zesty Tofu. With under 15 minutes, your mid-week meal has never been so exciting! Happy Cooking.

Vegan Satay Sauce

What to do when you can’t find a proper Vegan satay sauce. Make it your own people!! Satay sauce is such a versatile sauce. Dipping, stir-frying or spreading. Choose your pick! Happy Cooking.

Popcorn Jackfruit

Popcorn Jackfruit is such a fun dish to cook with kids. Make sure you season it well, as jackfruit has got a rather quiet taste. I love dipping it in the Sriracha or Sweet chilli sauce. Choose your pick! Happy Cooking.

Sriracha Pulled Jackfruit

Sriracha Pulled Jackfruit is such a revolution in the vegan world. It is so versatile as you can put in a burger, tortilla, rice or salad. It is such a good way to get vegetable aswell. Happy Cooking.

Vegan Meatballs Curry

I created this dish as found the new meat-free mince in the chilled aisle. It can be easily shaped into the ball. I added a bit of Thai flare and it goes very well. Not to mention kids have lots of fun too.  Happy Cooking.


The Asian Vegan Broth is very versatile. You can serve it as one of your course, use as a base broth for noodles soup or put a few tablespoons to make a flavoursome stir-fry. Happy Cooking.

Vegan Pad Thai

This is a sequel recipe from Vegan Pad Thai Sauce. You can make the sauce, save it for later then follow this recipe for mid-week dinner. Happy Cooking.

Salmon in Sweet Chilli Sauce

Salmon with Sweet Chilli Sauce is perfect for a mid-week family meal without compromising in taste. It took me 20 minutes to perfect this dish. No reason to cook this for your loved ones.  Happy Cooking.

Vegan congee

Vegan congee is a popular breakfast in Asia. It is light, low fat yet comforting. It can be gluten-free, is you used a gluten-free soy sauce.  Happy Cooking.

I just love the saltiness of Shiozake Salmon cut through the sweet, tangy and spicy of Hot Chilli and Carrot Chutney. It is fusion food that has a homely feel. Nothing fancy just good fresh yet comforting food. Happy Cooking.

Watercress Cashew Pesto Noodles Stir-Fry

This luscious sauce is packed full of nutrients. It is such a wonderful way to introduce veggies to your kids. It practically took me less than 15 minutes to cook and 10 minutes to eat. Happy Cooking.

Salmon With Thai Green Curry Sauce

I perfected this dish in less than 20 minutes. It is such an idiot-proof recipe yet delicious,  luscious and nutritious. Lots of greens and high in protein. Happy Cooking.

Pad Thai Sauce (Vegan)

Try this easy homemade Pad Thai sauce and you will forget about the dull readymade shop-bought sauce from the supermarket. Make it once and keep it in the refrigerator to use it later.  Happy Cooking.

Vegetable spring roll is one of the most popular starters. It’s great for kids to join in and prep with you. Best cook it fresh but you can freeze and eat them later.Happy Cooking.

The famous Buddha Bowl has landed on our website everyone!!! It is healthy, tasty and yet easy to make. I like this bowl as it looks very pretty too. Happy Cooking.

Choo Chee Prawn and Crunchy Zucchini

Choo Chee Curry might sound funny but believe me, it’s super tasty. The creamy, velvety of coconut milk goes so well with the crunchy tempura batter. Happy Cooking.

Vegan Noodle Soup is light, healthy and easy to cook. The delicious and intense broth is satisfying and comforting. Who said deliciousness can be this good for you. Happy Cooking.

Northern Thai Style Chilli Dip AKA ” Nam-Prik-Ong” is not as spicy as you think. It goes well with the pork scratching (Belief or not!) and a lovely Thai Jasmine rice. Happy Cooking.

Vietnamese Summer Roll is such an easy meal but packed full of nutrients, healthy and great if you are gluten intolerant. You can mix and match by adding different types of proteins, herbs and vegetables. Happy Cooking.

Try this easy recipe- Turkey Lollipops on your next summer party. Kids will love them. It can be served in baguette, salad or with rice. Very versatile indeed.  Happy Cooking.

Tamarind sauce is such a versatile condiment. You can marinate BBQ meat or dip. It provides rich, intense, sweet and sour flavour.I love serving it with grilled seafood. Happy Cooking.

Caramelised prawns AKA “Goong Waan” in Thai. It is a perfect side dish to accompany a spicy main course. The sweet and salty will balance your meal well. You can eat the shell too. Happy Cooking.

Try Thai Roast Chicken instead of your usual Sunday Roast. It is aromatic but you won’t feel alienated from the normal chicken dinner. Happy Cooking.

Try this Thai Style Lamb Cutlets next time you have a BBQ. Make sure you marinated it well. I double cooked it by griddle fry then fry again in the seasoned batter. Double happiness. Happy Cooking.

Thai Summer Salad AKA “Yum-Woon-Sen” is great on its own, side order or even better with BBQ. It light, fresh and fragrance. I was cheeky and used Golden Syrup to make the dressing. It works!!! Happy Cooking.

Who wouldn’t like a good prawns toast? It is very easy to make. Try to cook this family favourite snack at home and you will never go back to take away…again.Happy Cooking.

Southern Thai Sour Curry AKA ” Gaeng-Laeung” is a healthy curry. No coconut milk but full of flavours and a big punch of character. It is a must try for all Thai food lovers. Happy Cooking!

Your children are going to love Stuffed Omelette AKA “Kai-Yud-Sai”. It reminds me of my childhood. You will rarely come across this dish in the Thai restaurant but you can easily make it at home. Happy Cooking!

Easter meal with a difference. Try this Lamb Massaman. It is slightly sweet, nutty but with mild heat. I can see this curry can be a whole family favourite. Happy Cooking!

Get two humble dishes … Curry from East and Pie from West … The result is an all-time family favourite-Chicken Pie with a twist. I create this dish for Mother’s day. Not too long but plenty of time to practice. Happy Cooking.

I love the bold taste of the herbs and spices cut through sweet, juicy and freshness of clams. This dish called “Pad-Hoy-Lai” in Thai and I love it!. Not to mention it is super easy and quick to cook. Make sure you get the fresh clams. It makes such a big difference.  Happy Cooking.

Poh-Tak means the explosion of a fish net in English. It is a seafood hot and sour soup. This pizza recipe is fun to make and impressive to look at. It needs a bit of multi-tasking. So be organised before cook this. But worth it!Happy Cooking.

Garlic and Black Pepper Lobster is such a show stopper dish. It is not difficult to cook at all. I cheat a bit by using the cooked lobster as I can’t bring my self around to cook it when it is alive. But it tastes just fantastic as it looks. Happy Cooking.

Who said tofu is bland? Try this Tofu Burger with Asian slaw. Make sure you get extra firm tofu and use the kitchen towel to absorb all the excess water before marinating. Happy Cooking.

Everyone is talking about stockpiling. I decided to create Mackerel with Chilli and Lemon Dressing AKA “Yum-Pla-Kra-Pong” which is a very popular dish among Thais. I used the tinned Mackerel (Yes, you’ve heard it)with a few herbs and you can enjoy this dish within no time.  Happy Cooking.

Not many Vegan Massaman Curry paste in the market. But it is not difficult to make your homemade paste neither. You can prepare, put it in the fridge or frezzer and use it later.  Happy Cooking.

Vegan Massaman Curry has got a gentle heat which is great to introduce spices to your loved one/s. This is a homemade version which you will make it from scratch including the Massaman Curry Paste,Happy Cooking.

I create this recipe from the desperation! I ran out of coconut milk and use the potato from the can!! But it turned out to be one of my daughter’s favourite curry. It’s a mild, creamy and delicious. Happy Cooking.

Shiitake and Chili Bruschetta

This Thai-Italian inspired recipe is very versatile. You can have it as a breakfast, a starter or a light lunch. It is also a vegan recipe, very quick to cook and super satisfying. 

This light lean and crispy version of Thai Scotch Egg is far from the process, ready-made Scotch Egg that you see them on the supermarket shelf. Although, you have to cook it from scratch but if you prepared in a big batch, freeze and fry for a later day.Happy Cooking!

Steamed Cod with Ginger Soy Sauce is a perfect dish for Chinese New Year. It looks special, appetising but easy to make. It reminds me of my local Cantonese Restaurant where my mum took us out on Sunday evening as a special treat.

Ultimate comfort Thai food. The slow cook melt in the mouth pork with intense broth is super satisfying. I had this lovely stew almost every day as a breakfast …just before setting off to school. Happy cooking.

I love this easy Vegan curry after the heavy meal on Christmas day. There are lots and lots of vegetable but the intense flavour and comforting from coconut milk will keep you satisfied. Happy Cooking.

People asked me about a vegetarian version of Thai Arancini. So here you are… It is crispy outside, soft and creamy inside plus the kick of Thai spices makes Thai Arancini a great snack/starter. You can cook and freeze them in advance, ready to be cooked nearer to the serving time. Happy Cooking.

“Hor-Moak” You rarely see this easy Thai food in your local Thai restaurant It is an old Thai dish. It’s delicate in character yet easy to cook. It also packed full of protein and low in fat. You can have this steamed soufflé as a starter, healthy snack or dare I say…breakfast. Happy Cooking.

Spice up your X’mas party with Thai Sausage Roll. This is a rather healthy recipe as I use the minced pork instead of sausage meat. Make sure you get the minced pork from your local butcher to reduce the chance of socky bottom. Happy cooking ??

East meets West at its best! These rice balls are crispy outside, soft and creamy inside with a little punch from Thai spices.You can cook in a big bash in advance, freeze and bake it on your busy weekday. Happy cooking ??

This is a light and fresh dish but the gentle warmth of ginger will keep your tummy satisfied. Moreover, you can cook this delicious Thai food recipe in less than 15 minutes. Happy cooking ??

Forget about KFC. Make TFC with TLC at home and you will never go back from this delicious homemade crispy fried chicken. I developed this recipe with the legend.. Ifty from Rubys Street Kitchen. Such an honour to work with him. Happy cooking ??

I have to accredit this recipe to Jamie Oliver who inspires me with this lovely, fluffy dairy bao bun dish. It is my all time favourite since I was young. I even had this bun as a birthday cake on my 8th birthday party. Happy Cooking!

If you like Thai food. You must try this Papaya Salad or “Som-Tum” once in your lifetime. It has zero fat and very high in vitamins and fibre. Thais love serving this dish with roast chicken and sticky rice. I secretly love to eat this salad with fried battered scampi.

Thai Pumpkin Soup(Vegan and Dairy Free)

It’s October and pumpkin is everywhere. This lovely and comforting soup have the gentle heat from Thai red curry paste, will warm your tummy and make the soup interesting….perfect for the cold autumn night in.

Hainanese Chicken Rice AKA “Khao-Mun-Gai” is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand (Believe It or Not!) I used Red Amaranth and Wasabi Mustard Microgreen which take this poultry dish to the next level. You can just cook this in a rice cooker (Believe It or Not!….again)

This homemade Sweet and Sour sauce will make you forget the ready-made sauce and takeaway. You can cook in advance, keep it in the fridge and add a meat of your choice later. Happy cooking ??

Let’s jazz the usual Cup Noodles Soup with your very own fresh broth and trimmings. This noodles soup is so easy to make and enjoy. You can replace seafood with the chicken or vegetables too. Happy cooking ??

Thai Meatballs have got the bouncy consistency and smooth texture. Thais put these meatballs in the mouthwatering noodles soup. It is also great on BBQ or fry and serves with Sweet Chilli sauce. Happy cooking ??

Supergreen Salad Topping is a vegan healthy Thai dish that you can cook in less than 15 minutes. It can be served hot or cold. It also great as a side dish with spicy Thai curry. Happy cooking ??

The weather is turning better today. I decided to make this Thai dish for BBQ. The longer you marinate the better. Make sure you get the good quality fish sauce and oyster sauce in order to truly enjoy Thai food though. Happy Cooking.

Thai Egg Muffin is very much similar to one of the popular and easy Thai food dish called “Kai-Jeaw-Moo-Sub” It can be served hot or cold. Make sure you get the good quality fish sauce and oyster sauce in order to truly enjoy Thai food though. Happy Cooking.

Simple Hot and Sour Soup with Salmon is very low in fat,though flavoursome broth will leave you satisfied. I used the frozen salmon fillet for even better value and easier to cook. Get the good quality fish sauce and oyster sauce in order to truly enjoy Thai food. 

Spaghetti Kee Mow is great for mid-week dinner. It is a good dish if you wanted to introduce Thai food. It is quick, easy and delicious under 30 minutes. Make sure you get the good quality fish sauce and oyster sauce in order to truly enjoy Thai food. 

This is another curry dish for summer. The spiced crispy chicken goes incredibly well with the soft rice noodles and spiralised vegetables which make the whole dish a lots lighter than your usual Thai green curry. Happy Cooking!


Thai Jasmine Rice

(No Rice Cooker Require)

Thai Jasmine Rice is an essential side dish in Thai food cuisine. The mild fragrance, neutral in taste and slightly sticky consistency make the intense Thai dishes become more palatable. This recipe will give you a lovely and fluffy rice without the use of rice cooker. Happy Cooking!


This is my MEGAN pack lunch. I use the plant-based protein but season with my favourite kitchen staples/seasonings. It is incredibly easy to cook and you can make it in advance then reheat later. Happy Cooking!


Pad Prik Yuak AKA Banana pepper stir-fry in chilli and basil is a perfect mid-week dinner. You can enjoy Thai food dish in less than 25 minutes.   You can replace the minced pork with other beef, chicken or seafood. It’s all good. Happy Cooking!


Too hot to handle the curry! Try this delicious Curry Puff. It is great as a snack, for pack lunch or serves with crispy salad as a light dinner. The original Thai curry puff made with 2 layers of handmade pastry then fry. I use the ready roll puff pastry and you can choose either bake or fry to cook the parcel. Happy Cooking.

This is one of the easy Thai recipes that still deliver delicacy, taste and fun to eat. It is very “Current” as it is rec0mmended by my brother who is living in Bangkok.I am not surprised why it is so popular. The delicate white crab meat mix wrapped in the light and crispy spring roll. You can cook them prior then re-heat it in the oven before serve. Happy Cooking!

Vegan Thai Salad is one of my ambition to create a simple, fresh, healthy yet substantial Thai salad, that not compromise with the deliciousness. Thais often use the fish sauce to add saltiness and it’s not easy to find truly Vegan Thai Salad. It can be served either warm or cold as a side dish or main course. Happy Cooking!

Weeping Tiger is definitely nothing to do with the tiger. The original recipe uses the good quality beef steak. The hero of this dish is “Jeaw”, the intense flavour sauce that cut through earthiness of the meat. I decided to use the pork loin steak for the economical reason and easier to find. Happy Cooking!

This vegan soup is perfect for a cooler summer evening. It is light yet satisfying as the glass noodles will keep you full for longer. It is super quick to make and one of the healthy food choices. 

This Thai Yellow Curry is super easy to make. Neither a pestle and mortar nor blender required. No ready-made curry paste or MSG are used. What you have is a fresh, velvety and lovely curry like Thai food should be. Happy Cooking!

Egg Fried Rice is such a popular side dish amongst dinners. But it tastes much better if you can cook it at home. This is an easy to follow Thai food recipe and the deliciousness is guaranteed! Not to mention that we will use very little oil, hence it can be a healthy choice for you. Happy Cooking!

Tofu Nuggets is one of my favourite Vegan Thai dishes. The velvety tofu covered with golden crispy breadcrumbs create such a delicious texture. Thai Red Curry paste will make the bland taste of tofu much more palatable.  Happy Cooking!

What a lovely dish for BBQ. This aromatic chicken is the kids favourite and adults cannot get enough of it. It comes with Thai style salad dressing for people who can handle the heat. Serve it with leafy salad to complete the nutritional requirement. Happy Cooking.

Thai Meatball Curry

Meatball curry is such a good dish to introduce Thai food. Kids love them and adults just adore the meatiness and mild spice. This recipe is so easy as I used already made fresh meatball. So it is perfect for mid-week dinner. Happy Cooking!

Thai Meatloaf

Hello to all Paleo, Dairy and Gluten intolerance out there. This Thai Meatloaf recipe is easy, healthy and delicious. It is a perfect choice for mid-week dinner.  I glazed this meatloaf with spicy Sriracha sauce but you can just eat it without the glazing. You can use the same mixture for meatball, burger or kebab. Happy Cooking!

Vegans look no further. This trendy meat substitute is perfect for summer. You can use the cooked jackfruit flesh from this recipe for taco, burger or sushi. It is packed full of deliciousness and easy to make. Happy Cooking!

Garlic and pepper prawns

This Garlic and Pepper prawns dish is a super speedy yet nutritious and delicious easy Thai recipes.It is perfect for mid-week dinner as you have not got a lot of time in your hands. Not to mention that it is Gluten-Free. It is lovely with steamed Thai jasmine rice or uses as fillings in the summer rolls. Happy Cooking.

Thai food online

It is nice to make a fresh curry paste but your curry can be just as delicious with this easy Thai recipes.The secret is only authentic Thai curry paste and Thai coconut milk will fit the bill.Check my blog Thai Kitchen Staples and see why. Happy Cooking !

Thai food online

Thai Fish Cake is such a popular Thai starter.It is easy to make one at home. My fish cake recipe is gluten-free, it is one of my easy Thai starter recipes that will impress your friends, family and especially yourself.Make sure you get a fresh basa fillet to create the right consistency. Happy Cooking!

Chicken Satay

It’s time to goes back to this basic household favourite. The juicy, aromatic Chicken Satay is great for a barbecue or as a starter. Make sure you marinate the chicken well in advance which will bring the dish to another level.

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This is a sequel recipe from Vegan Thai Red Curry paste  But it is great for non-Vegan aswell. This fresh delicate and mild version of Thai curry is great for people who are familiarise themselves with Thai food. It is easier than to you think son why don’t give it ago!Happy cooking!

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Lemongrass Chicken must be one of my favourite easy Thai recipes. My daughter loves it with Thai sticky rice and dipping sauce. You can marinate the evening before and finish the cooking in no time. Use the chicken breast for healthy Thai version.Happy Cooking!

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This is such a humble Thai food dish. It is my take on the very traditional Pumpkin with eggs stir-fry which you will not find it in your typical Thai restaurant. It is nutritious and delicious. You can have it on its own,with salad or Thai Jasmine Rice.Happy Cooking ! 

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Green or Red,now Vegans have got choices and chance to make your very own homemade Vegan Thai Red Curry Paste. This paste is very versatile as you can put it in a stir-fry, marinate the protein of your choice or even make the usual Thai Red Curry. Power is yours.Happy Cooking!

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In my opinion,Thai food is one of the best cuisines for Vegans. The intense flavour and aromatic herbs compliment the neutral taste of tofu, pulses and vegetables well. This is a continued recipe after the Vegan Thai green curry paste ,which you could prepare prior or over the weekend. Effortless delicious, I must say. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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This easy Thai Vegan soup is one of my favourites. Surprisingly, the coconut milk goes well with the gentle heat of chilli and freshness of lime juice. This soup is creamy yet tantalising ,delicate yet flavourful. The homemade chilli oil will add an extra magic to this lovely soup.Happy Cooking!??‍?

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Let’s finish Veganuary with this easy Thai starter recipe. The famous Spring roll. The crispiness from light pastry with well seasoned soft fillings, makes this starter such an all time favourite for everyone. This is a healthier and non-deep fry version. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with this Gluten Free Dim Sum. Thais love this dish. You can find it anywhere in Thailand.It is light, delicious high in protein and healthy. Perfect for sharing and it is not as difficult as you think. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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This easy Thai salad is my creation for a lazy rest day. The mighty flavour of the crunchy satay and mince goes well with the fresh little gem lettuce. It can be a healthy starter and your high protein lunch. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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This easy Thai Vegan curry is my take on a very traditional spicy Thai dish called “Gaeng-Ki-Lek” Thais believe that Ki-Lek has got medicinal value but need to be prepared with care. I used spinach in this Vegan friendly recipe and is easily found in your local supermarket. It is packed full of Niacin,Zinc,Protein and Iron. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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This is an easy vegan recipe. It is clean yet delicious. There are so many type of tofu in the market. For this plant-based Thai dish. You will need the soya block tofu(firm to medium firm) which will enable you to create the crispy texture outside with soft and silky inside. Happy Cooking!??‍?

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There are so many readymade Thai Green Curry Paste on the market.But not many are Vegan! Mostly, it contains shrimp paste or fish sauce. This easy Vegan Thai Green curry paste is a truly Vegan recipe yet with the complex flavour of Thai Green Curry. It will deliver the fresh, luscious and sublime Thai Green Curry dish for you to enjoy.  Happy Cooking!??‍?

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Don’t you just love the name? This easy Thai veggie recipe, is the whole family favourite. Not often you will see it on the restaurant menu but it is a popular Street Food dish.It is suitable of vegan and also gluten free. Once you prepared the ingredients,the dish is easily cooked in less than 10 minutes! Happy Cooking. ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

I am in the mood of vegetarian/vegan this week, despite the holiday season. This easy vegetarian curry is a great way to introduce the spices to your little one/s. I made the curry paste from scratch which does not only make this curry tastes so fresh but also ensures that it is a pure vegan recipe. Happy Cooking.??‍?

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What to do with the left over meat and potatoes after Christmas? Try this Thai Red Curry recipe.It is creamy yet fresh and absolutely delicious.Not to mention that it is very easy to make which is what you need after the big day. I often prepare this curry in the big batch for the Boxing day get together.Happy Cooking.??‍?

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“Kapi” or Shrimp paste is the Marmite of Thai food. It has got a very strong aroma but delivers a mighty flavour. The fried rice itself is simple.However,it’s served with an eclectic of fruit,herbs,vegetable ,seafood and meat, make this dish very exciting.The sharpness from green mango and red chilli cut through the earthiness of the shrimp paste. The sweetness of pork belly, sausage makes the dish palatable.The creaminess from the egg yolk mellows the whole ensemble. Happy Cooking.??‍?

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Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year with this delicious Chinese influence Thai food recipes. The light and crispy wonton pastry goes wonderfully well with the hearty lean mince turkey meatball. This is a lighter version of  your usual wonton as I am avoiding the deep fry. Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year everyone.


This is my take on “Gang-ped-ped-yang”. It brings back my precious memories of when I created this recipe as it was such a real treat in my family household to be able to afford this type of poultry ?.The earthy taste of duck goes extremely well with the freshness of pineapple and a homemade curry paste.


This is a take on from my favourite Thai dish “Kao-ka-moo”.I like to think that my recipe is slight healthier and easier than the original ?. Chinese spices are widely used in South East Asia. Not only as seasoning but also as part of remedies for colds etc.Hope you enjoy this hearty dish.

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This easy Thai food soup is perfect for winter or cooler evening. The freshness of citrus fruit and herbs gently cut through the creaminess of coconut milk. The sweet and crunchy prawn add the magic into the easy Thai starter recipe. If you are looking for deliciousness and sophistication.This is it.Happy Cooking!

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OK, this easy dish is not so Thai, but I am sure you will excuse me. Sushi is all about  freshness and precision. So make sure you get a high quality smoked salmon, freshly cooked sushi rice and a perfectly ripped avocado. Kids also can join in while assembling. Nothing else, to worry about , as it is super easy to make. Happy Cooking. ??‍?

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This easy Thai inspired dish is one of my favourite. It is light, crispy, creamy yet with a punch of character. It is great for lunch or an impressive starter. You can replace the prawns with chicken breast….. it is just as yummy. Happy Cooking. ??‍?

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This easy Thai dish is super low in fat and high in protein. My dad loves cooking me Kai-Toon for breakfast. It is warm,smooth,soft ,velvety and comforting. Great for winter morning. You can also serve in a small bowl as a side dish.Happy Cooking. ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

It is mid day of my rest day. I have got little supplies in my kitchen but need a good quick fix.This easy Thai inspired dish will deliver an intense flavour which leave me satisfied. The light and crispy edge will help with my carb craving. It is  high in protein which will  make me fulfilled .Happy Cooking !

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This dish is a great introduction of herbs and spices to your little ones. It  goes with most things i.e. Thai Jasmine rice, rice noodles or wrap. Not to mention that it is super quick and easy which is perfect for a mid week dinner or… after the Thai language teaching class in my case. Happy cooking ??‍? 

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This warm salad is a great autumn dish. The tangy dressing cuts through the earthy duck breast . The sweetness from apricots and crunchy cashew nuts add the magic to this salad. Feel free to be creative as you can replace the duck with any meat of your choice.Happy cooking ??‍?.

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Sriracha is one of my favourite sauces. It is not too hot,sour or too sweet. This easy recipe has got an intense flavour yet very low in fat and no bones which is bonus. It is great as a post work out meal. So What are you waiting for? Happy cooking ??‍?. 

Easy Thai recipes

This Spam recipe is a great introduction to sushi. I prepared a big portion which is easily make and handle ( no chopsticks needed). I used the fried battered Spam. However, it also taste great without. Enjoy this Not so Thai recipe from me. Happy cooking ??‍?. 

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Okey the name does not sounds Thai, but trust me the taste will be !… I like cooking without lots of washing up. Hence, this is a perfect mid week dish for me. It’s healthy, nutritious , super low in fat but yet substantial. Give it a go … you know you want to!

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It’s 6 pm on Friday , I have been busy working all day and still writing the Thai cooking project for my local charity. I need to cook something with little effort while I’m finishing my work. To make the matters worse, I kinda ran out of food supplies. Then… ?survival mode kicked in. Foodies please don’t turn away.

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I often have this dish after my breakfast Hiit session. It’s packed full of protein , creamy yet tangy of feta cheese combine with lovely aroma from all the herbs. Good start for the day. It’s also great for lunch or dinner yum.

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It’s my lovely colleague, Hannah’s leaving do tomorrow….I want to make something impressive, creative ,inexpensive (hehe) but yet easy. Fried rice is such a versatile dish,kids know what they will be eating and adults love the neutral taste( So they can mix and match with other dishes).


Bikini body ready? ..Ladies take note on this skinny but yet tasty recipe. Original Rice paper wrap can be super bland or too aromatic. My version will be more rounded in taste. The key is to make sure your prawns are super fresh and juicy. For tasty chicken ,always marinate it overnight. Intense flavour often means little oil to cook.


I got this idea from one of my favourite Thai dish ” Kai-look-Keuy” which is means Son in law’s egg( Don’t ask me why). It is just the boiled eggs fried in crisp batter with caramelised tamarind sauce. For my recipe , I added mince pork in special seasoning to create the dish which is more substantial, a bit of the punch, the sweet and freshness of plum sauce will lift the dish up! Promise me that you will try this recipe. ?

Thai Corn Cake

This Thai corn cake is Gluten-Free. Kids will love the natural sweetness of corn kernels and adults cannot resist the crunchiness yet hearty. It is very versatile, it can be served as a starter with sweet chilli sauce, lunch with salad or top with smoked salmon and a poached egg for sophisticated breakfast. Happy Cooking!


This recipe is a take on “Gai-hau-bai-teuy”. It is super low in fat…in fact , I did not use any oil at all for this recipe. You can either bake or put it on the barbecue. Pandanus leaf is not only give the lovely sweet aroma but also keep the chicken moist and soft. I would prefer it with sticky rice and drizzle with the soy sauce jus.


I just finished my Hiit workout and I am after a protein breakfast. I decided to jazz my usual( ?? ?) with the Thai twist. The salad dressing is versatile,insanely easy to make and no MSG required. The slight warm heat of chilli will get your metabolism going. You can also make the dressing the night before …no excuse now everyone.


This is a take on ” Moo-Kua-Gling” It is one of the famous dishes from Southern province of Thailand. The characteristics of Southern dish is often very hot , spicy with a lots of herb and very little fat. Not often, you will see them in the Thai restaurant menu. It is worth giving it a go. “Kua” means fry with no oil or as little as possible. Perfect for the health conscious ones.


Raise your hand ? if sometimes your stir-fried dish is too bland, too burnt, too greasy or too soggy ?The secret to success are to have the oil hot,the ingredients added to the wok in the correct order and importantly.. the flavorsome sauce. Try my yummy recipe and wave goodbye to your local takeaway.


This is a clean ,healthy ,gluten free recipe. The aromatic lemongrass marinated chicken goes well with a gingery, sweet and salty rice vermicelli. It’s great as your pack lunch on the next day ( Well, if there are any left )


This is a copy cat ? of “Kraprao Moo Sub Kai Dao”. This dish is great as a mid week dinner. It is quick ,easy and delicious. Perfect with a crispy fried egg as the creaminess of the yolk will cut through the aromatic spices and herbs.?


If you love Thai food you must have tried “Gang-Keaw-Wan” or Thai Green Curry already. It is aromatic, creamy yet fresh , slightly sweet at first but the gentle heat will wake up your tastebuds. Although, this is a vegetarian recipe it is also great with meats.
P.S.It might looks like there are a lot of ingredients but trust me, your delicious Thai Green curry will be served with in no time at all.


This dish is a great mid week dinner. The secret is the delicious dipping ginger and chilli dipping sauce. It’s packed full of lean protein with feel good carb. The gentle heat from ginger and chilli will keep your metabolism going. Happy cooking ?!


This mouthwatering dish is super quick and easy to make. Yet it’s packed full of protein with very little fat. The intense flavour of sticky, sweet and zingy sauce will turn the plain ingredients to a special mid week dinner. Happy cooking ?

Easy Thai recipes

This dish originated from northern part of Thailand, where the weather is slightly cooler.It is a creamy Thai noodle soup for English winter.The gentle mild spice makes it lovely and comforting.You can make the soup in advance and cook the rice noodles just before the meal time.Happy Cooking!

Easy Thai recipes

This easy Thai dish might not look sophisticated but trust me. It will deliver everything you need from Thai food … The spiciness from green chilli, nutrients from aubergine and pork,complex flavours from seasoning sauces etc.  It is a perfect dish for mid week dinner.
Happy Cooking!


I’m dedicating this dish to the take away lovers ?. It’s simple, easy, healthy ,meaty and yummy. No excuse now, get back in the kitchen quick. The soft pork tenderloin goes well with the crunchy tenderstem broccoli in the tasty and intense flavour of oyster sauce. Happy cooking ?!

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The idea of cooking a wholefish is quite daunting to me. However, it is worth giving this clean, healthy,aromatic dish a go. This easy Thai recipe is light yet flavour full. Please try to get the fresh fish and ask your fishmonger to scale and gut it for you.

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Thai Sticky Rice is a staple dish of the North East of Thailand. Its characteristic is….well…sticky which is perfect with the barbecue chicken and the famous…Thai papaya salad “Som-tum”It is quite tricky to make the perfect sticky rice as it’s can be too mushy or too dry. 

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This is super quick , super easy, less hassle for all sticky rice lovers.
The secret is.. you really need to soak the glutineous rice overnight or at least 2 hours. Happy Cooking 🙂

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Massaman is such a popular and easy Thai dish; it is a great choice for people who are just starting to try Thai curry. It is creamy yet slightly tangy and nutty. Some people might feel daunted when looking at the long list of ingredients, but trust me the cooking method is super easy. Happy cooking ?!

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This is a low fat, easy Thai dish.There are plenty of nutritious herbs i.e. The fresh peppercorn, which is great for your digestive system and Lesser galangal is packed full of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. The woody , earthy taste goes well with the smoked haddock. Happy cooking! 

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This is a super easy Thai Green Curry recipe which is perfect for a mid-week dinner.The complex flavor goes well with Thai Jasmine rice. Happy Cooking 🙂

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I love the natural sweet-sour and freshness of this dish. It is actually an easy Thai dish despite the impressive presentation. Give this recipe a try, next time you invite your guests around. Happy Cooking 🙂

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Mooli is a fresh root vegetable, great for a soup base. This noodle dish is a great supper.  The clean broth with the hearty duck breast goes well together. Happy cooking ??‍?. 

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Congee is a very popular breakfast dish. It is packed full of protein and very low in fat. I like to eat it with Cakoi/Youteao which will add texture to this lovely rice soup.Happy cooking ?!

Easy Thai recipes

This soup is a great dish for Autumn evening. The freshness from the lemon juice, ginger, and lemongrass cut through the creaminess of coconut milk.  

Easy Thai recipes

This is an easy version of “Goong-Oub-Woon-Sen” which is usually cooked in a clay pot. It is super quick to make for a great mid-week dinner, happy Cooking ??‍?


Easy Thai recipes

Panang Curry has a gentle heat with a slight sweetness, makes it such a popular dish in Thailand. The Kaffir lime leaf’s aroma gives a freshness to this creamy curry.Happy Cooking ??‍?


Easy Thai recipes

 I made two types of seafood sauce, and both are very easy. A spicy version and a sweet and sour one. These sauces are also great with other seafood. Happy Cooking ??‍?


Easy Thai recipes

This is my take on Kao-Nieuw -Gai-Tod. The spiced crispy crumbs go well with the soft sticky rice. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

It is autumn. The pumpkin is everywhere. This lovely, velvety, easy Thai curry will keep you warm, comforting, and delicious. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

This easy Thai dish is a great choice after a hard day at work and you need something quick. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Rad Na Goong

This easy Thai recipe is my simplified version of Raadd-Na-Goong. It is comprised of rice noodles, vegetables, and meat/seafood in flavorsome gravy.Happy Cooking ??‍?