Thai Food Made Easy | PAD-MA-KUER
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Pad Ma Kuer

Easy Thai recipes


Serve: 2


250gram                    Mince pork

1                                  Aubergine-wash and cubed

3                                 Garlic clove-finely chopped

1                                 Green chilli-finely chopped

3tbs                            Vegetable oil

1tbs                            Oyster sauce

1tbs                             Sugar

1tsp                             Sesame seed (Optional)

5-6                              Coriander leaf (Optional)

1/2tbs                         Fish sauce

1/4tbs                         Dark soya sauce

100ml                         Water


-Heat the vegetable oil . Then add the garlic and green chilli into the same pan, stir fry until the garlic turn slightly golden in colour (but not burnt).

-Add the mince pork, dark soya sauce and 1/2tbs of sugar into the same pan and stir-fry until the mince pork cooked.

-Add the aubergine, fish sauce, oyster sauce and the rest of the sugar. Gently stir-fry until the aubergine soften/cooked (approx. 15-18 minutes). Add the water a little by little in between to prevent the ingredients getting burnt.

-Garnish Pad-Ma-Kuer with sesame seeds and coriander leaves. Serve this delicious aubergine and mince pork dish with Thai Jasmine Rice.


-Stir-fry is all about timing make sure you put the right ingredients at the right time and be patient.

-Adjust the heat accordingly; turn the heat up when you first put the meat or vegetable into the pan. Turn the heat down if you think the mixture might get burnt quickly. Pad-Ma-Kuer is great as a quick and easy mid week dinner, enjoy.

Easy Thai recipes

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