Thai Food Made Easy | CHOW MEIN (VEGETARIAN)
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Chow Mein (Vegetarian)

Serve: 2


100 gram                                  Dry egg noodles

100 gram                                  Fresh Stir-fried vegetable of your choice.

3 clove                                     Garlic-crushed

2 tablespoon                             Vegetable Oil

2 teaspoon                                Light soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon                             Sugar

1/2 teaspoon                             Yeast extract

1/2 teaspoon                             Lemon juice

1 pinch                                      Salt and black pepper 

1 small handful                          Cashew nuts-toasted

3-4 leaf                                     Coriander (optional)

3-4 slice                                    Fresh red chili






-Cook the egg noodles according to an instruction on the package. Set aside. 

-Put the oil in a wok and gently fry the garlic until it turns light golden in color

-Add the cooked egg noodles. Turns the heat up and quickly stir.

-In goes the vegetable, light and dark soy sauce, yeast extract, sugar, and stir. Pour a little water if needed.

-Lightly season with a pinch of salt, pepper, and lemon juice. 

-Transfer into the serving plate, Scatter with toasted cashew nuts, sliced chilies, and coriander. 



-Stir-fried is all about a quick cook. Make sure you prepare the ingredients in advance. Keep an eye on the wok at all times as it is easily burnt with the high heat. 

-Feel free to top up with fried egg if you haven’t got the dietary restriction. 

-Not keen on egg noodles. Try Cheat’s Vegan Pad Thai for Vegan Thai inspiration.

-Inspired by the Chinese community, my mum is often ordering this dish when we visited a famous street food in China Town, Bangkok.



Chow Mein