Thai Food Made Easy | Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste
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Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste

Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste

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Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste

Serving: This recipe will make approx. 300 gram of the paste.


150 gram                 Red onion-chunky chopped

3 clove                     Garlic-peeled

30 gram                   Lemon grass-chunky sliced

50 gram                   Green chilli-chunky chopped

20 gram                   Coriander

1 tsp.                          Lime zest

1 tsp.                          Oil of your choice (I used garlic infused oil)

1/2tsp                       Ground nutmeg

1/2tsp                       Ground cumin

1/2tsp                        Salt

1/2tsp                        Sugar

1/2tsp                        Coconut sugar

1/2tsp                        Ground black pepper


-Put all the ingredients in an electric blender or uses an electric handheld blender. Blend until all the ingredients combined.

-Transfer this green luscious Vegan Thai green curry paste into the sterile empty glass jar. Keep it the fridge and use within 1 week. Alternatively, transfer the paste into the ice cube tray , freeze and use within 1 month. Usually, you will need about 2-3 tablespoon/cube per one big serving.



-You can use 1 teaspoon of sugar if struggled to find the coconut sugar.

-Look out for my delicious Vegan Thai Green Curry recipe, which use this Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste.

-Can’t wait that long? Click Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry for an instant recipe now.

Thai food online

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