Thai Food Made Easy | THAI SAUSAGE ROLL
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Thai Sausage Roll

Thai Sausage Roll 

Serve: 2


500 gram                    Mince pork (12%fat)

400 gram                    Onion-finely chopped

20 gram                       Salted butter-melted

5 gram                         Coriander-finely chopped

375 gram                     Ready to roll puff pastry

1 clove                          Garlic-finely chopped

1                                    Red Bird Eye chilli-finely chopped

2 tbs                             Sesame seeds (optional)

1 tbs                              Fish sauce

1/2 tbs                          Sugar

1/2 tbs                           Oyster sauce

1/2 tbs                          Thai red curry paste.

1 pinch                          Salt and pepper






– Prepare the ready to roll puff pastry as instructed on the package.

– Preheat the oven at 180 Celsius.

– Put the minced pork, chilli, coriander, onion, sugar, oyster sauce, fish sauce, Thai red curry paste, salt and pepper into a mixing bowl. Then, use your hands to mix all ingredients until all the ingredients combined.

– Unfold the puff pastry sheet on the flat worktop. Lay the sausage mixture into a sausage shape( approx 2 cm diameter) on the pastry sheet. Roll the pastry sheet to wrap around the sausage mixture. Trim the puff pastry sheet and press down the edge to seal the join.

-Repeat the same procedure until you finished all the pastry and mixture.

-Use the sharp knife to cut the sausage roll into the bite-size (width way).

-Brush the sausage roll with melted butter.

-Bake for 20 minutes then takes the tray out.

-Brush the sausage rolls with butter again and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.

-Bake again for further 5-10 minutes or until the pastry puffed up, golden in colour and cooked. Enjoy Thai Sausage Roll hot or cold.



-Try to get the minced pork from your local butcher as it often contains less water which will reduce the chance of socky bottom!

– Dampen the knife if you find it difficult to cut the sausage roll ( Be careful it’s sharp) 

-I often have Thai Sausage Roll with the Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce and a cheeky glass of cold Thai beer.


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