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Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Equipment: Rice cooker

Ingredients for Chicken Rice

2 pieces/300 gram                    Chicken breast (preferably with skin)

250 gram                                     Thai jasmine rice (uncooked)

4                                                     Spring onion -trimmed

3 tbs                                               Thai Coconut milk/cream

1 tbs                                                Rapeseed oil

1 tbs                                                 Garlic-finely chopped

1 handful                                        Red Amaranth microgreens

1 pinch                                            Wasabi mustard

1                                                       Vegetable stock cube

1 litre                                               Water

1 pinch                                            Salt and pepper

Ingredients for dipping sauce:

1 tsp                                                Garlic-finely chopped

1 tsp                                                 Red chilli-finely chopped

1 tsp                                                 Ginger puree

1 tsp                                                 Lemon juice

1 tsp                                                  Honey

1 pinch                                             Wasabi mustard

4 tsp                                                 Light Soy sauce


– Put the chicken breast, water, vegetable stock cube, spring onion in the big saucepan. Bring it to boil and simmer for further 30 minutes. This is your flavoured stock to cook the rice.

– Put the rice in the sieve then wash the rice under the running water tap for approx 2 minutes.

-Transfer the rice into the rice cooker,  add approx 350 ml of the flavoured stock, garlic, coconut milk and oil into the rice cooker. Gently fold the ingredients together. Then place the chicken breasts into the rice cooker with the mixture.

-Turn the rice cooker on to “cook” mode. Wait until the rice cooker change to “keep warm” mode which means the rice is cooked.

-Mix the ginger puree,garlic, chilli,lemon juice,honey and light soy sauce in the small bowl.

-Serve Hainanese Chicken Rice with the dipping sauce immediately.





-I can not stress enough! If you like Thai food, it is worth to invest in a rice cooker. it is much quicker and easier to cook the rice(and other dishes) in the rice cooker.

-Hainanese Chicken can taste quite bland. Hence, I garnished with Red Amaranth microgreens. It’s mild and tender yet add complimentary flavours to this delicate poultry dish. I also add the peppery Wasabi Mustard microgreens into our intense dipping sauce. Best buddy, I must say.

-Thais are always serving Hainanese Chicken Rice with the plain soup ” Gang-Jued” So feel free to season and serve the leftover flavoured stock with this easy Thai food dish.

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