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Thai Fish Cake



400 gram                   Fresh Basa Fillet-Skinned, deboned and cut into chunks

150 gram                    Raw king prawn

100 gram                    Green bean-finely sliced

5-8 leaf                       Fresh Mint

2tbs                             Thai red curry paste

2tbs                             Coconut Oil

200ml                          Vegetable oil

2tbs                              Fish sauce

1.5tbs                           Honey

1tbs                               Gluten free Oyster sauce

1tbs                               Gluten free flour

1pinch                           Salt and pepper


-Put the Basa chunks, king prawns, fish sauce, oyster sauce, honey and flour into an electric blender. Blend until all the ingredients combined.You can also use the handheld electric blender.

-Transfer the mixture to the mixing bowl. Then add the green bean. Fold them all together.

-Put the oil in the frying pan. Turn the hob to medium heat. Then rub your fingertips with the extra oil (not the oil in the pan!)and start rolling the mixture into the small bite size ball.

-Put the fish cake ball into the frying pan and keep adding the rest, one by one but quickly. Make sure you adjust the heat level accordingly.  Cooked approx 3-4 minutes on each side.

– Once the fish balls are thoroughly cooked, transfer them on to the kitchen roll to get rid of the excess oil.

-Serve Gluten Free Thai Fish Cake with salad, mint leaves and sweet and chilli dipping sauce. 


-Thai fish cake mixture can be very sticky. To rub your fingertips with oil will make it easier to shape the fish cake without the mixture stuck on your fingers.

-Add 2 finely shredded Kiffir Lime Leaf into the mixture for extra magic and more fragrance.Happy cooking.??

Thai food online

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