Thai Food Made Easy | Thai Jungle Curry
Thai Jungle Curry
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Enjoy Thai food

Jungle Curry


Ingredients for curry paste:

1                       Roast Red chilli

2 clove            Garlic

1/2                   Red onion chunks chopped

10gram           Ginger -peeled and chunky chopped

1/4tsp              Salt

1tbs                  Lemon grass purée

2                       Kaffir lime leaf

3pieces            Lime peel

25gram            Lesser galangal-lengthways sliced

1/2tsp              Shrimp paste

Ingredients for curry:

2 piece             Smoked haddock (Frozen)

110gram          Raw king prawns

1tbs                   Coconut oil

100gram          Green bean trimmed

100gram          Sweet potato

70gram            Baby sweetcorn trimmed

1/2                    Carrot sliced

1/2                    Red pepper chunks chopped

20gram            Fresh peppercorn with stem.

25gram             Lesser galangal lengthways sliced.

2cup                  Water

1/2tsp                Sugar

1tsp                    Fish sauce

1tsp                    Light soy sauce

1tsp                    Oyster sauce

1/2tsp                Dark soy sauce

1pinch                Salt

20                       Basil leaf

400ml                Water



– Pre heat the oven at 200 Celsius.

– Wrap the smoked haddock in the baking paper parcel, drizzle with rapeseed oil.Then close the edge.

– Put the sweet potato on the baking tray , season with salt and pepper then drizzle with the rapeseed oil.

– Put the smoked haddock parcels and sweet potato in the oven for approx 20-25 minutes. In the mean time,start making the curry.

– Use an electric blender the roast red chilli, garlic, red onion, ginger, lemon grass purée, kiffir lime leafs, lime peels, lesser galangal, shrimp paste and salt until it forms a paste.

– Put the coconut oil in the pan , then add 4 tablespoons of the curry paste and gently heat for 5 minute. Then add 400 ml of water , bring it to boil.

– Add the green bean, baby sweetcorn,carrot,red pepper, fresh peppercorn, lesser galangal add season with sugar fish sauce, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce,oyster sauce. Simmer for 25 minutes.

– Put the raw king prawn in the pot. Add a pinch of salt and turn the heat up and cover the pan for further 5 minutes.

– Fold the basil leafs in the pan. Then transfer the curry into the serving bowl. Scatter the roast sweet potato and lay the smoked haddock on top of the curry.

– Serve this homemade Jungle Curry with Thai Jasmine rice…yummy. Happy cooking.


If you prefer the spicy Jungle Curry ,uses all of the prepared curry paste.Happy cooking 🙋🏽.

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