Thai Food Made Easy | MAR HOR (VEGAN)
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Mar Hor (Vegan)

Mar Hor (Vegan)

Serve: 3-4


150 gram                                 Shallot-finely sliced

1 bulb                                      Garlic-finely chopped

1                                             Red chili-thinly sliced

12 leaf                                     Coriander 

1/2                                          Pineapple-cut in bite-size

4 tablespoon                             Roasted unsalted peanuts-ground

4 tablespoon                             Coconut palm sugar 

2 tablespoon                             Soy sauce

2 tablespoon                             Water

1 cup                                        Sunflower oil 






-Heat the oil in the frying pan. Fry the shallot and garlic until crisp and golden. Remove from the pan and transfer them to the kitchen towel.

-Add the coconut palm sugar, soy sauce, sugar, and water into a small saucepan. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolved.

-Add deep-fried shallot, garlic, and ground peanut. Stir until the mixture becomes a sticky paste. Leave it to cool.

-Arrange the pineapple bites on the serving plate. Drop a heap of a teaspoon on each pineapple bite.

-Garnish with chili and coriander. Best served at room temperature.  



– Haven’t got the coconut palm sugar- replace it with the brown sugar instead.

-Mar Hor is an ancient Thai canape. It is a refreshing and light appetizer and a rather sophisticated presentation. The original recipe used minced pork but I think this vegan version is absolutely delicious. 

-This amazing vegan Mor Hor recipe created by the amazing Jirapan, Founder of  Paya Thai Cooking.    Thank you. 

-Check my other vegan recipe here Vegan Thai Food 

Mar Hor (Vegan)





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