Thai Food Made Easy | PRAWN CURRY PARCEL
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Prawn Curry Parcel

Easy Thai recipes

Prawn Curry Parcel



170 grams                  Raw king prawn

1tbs                              Rapeseed oil

1tbs                              Thai red curry paste

70ml                            Thai coconut milk or Coconut cream

1/2tbs                          Cream cheese

1tsp                              Sugar

1tsp                              Fish sauce

1tsp                              Oyster sauce

10                                 Basil leaf

1 sheet                         Filo pastry

1                                    Spring onion –trimmed and uses only the green string.


-Preheat the oven at 200 Celsius.

-Gently fry the Thai red curry paste in the rapeseed oil approx. 5 minutes.

-Add the coconut milk, sugar, fish sauce, oyster sauce into the same pan and simmer for approx. 10 minutes.

-Add the cream cheese and prawns into the same pan, mix well and simmer for further 5 minutes.

-Separate the cooked king prawns from the curry sauce. Leave the curry sauce a side.

-Lay the filo sheet on the baking tray. Transfer the cooked king prawns onto the filo sheet. Then make the parcel and tight it with spring onion. (Or anything that can do the trick, white cotton, a sliced carrot you can see I used a wooden peg!)

-Put the parcel in the oven for approx. 7-9 minutes.

– Serve this Prawn Curry Parcel on the bed of salad and drizzle with the curry sauce on top. Enjoy.


-Keep an eye on closely while baking the parcel as the filo pastry is easily gets burn.

-Lightly brush the pastry with melted butter before and perhaps after baking to add extra magic.

Easy Thai recipes

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