Thai Food Made Easy | PAPAYA SALAD
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Papaya Salad



140 gram               Raw papaya-peeled and lengthy shredded

30 gram                 Roasted and salted cashew nuts

1/2                          Fresh corn on the cobs-boiled

5                              Baby plum tomato-halved

1 clove                    Garlic-peeled

1                               Red Bird eye chilli

2 tbs                        Lemon juice

1 tbs                         Fish sauce

1 tbs                         Honey





-Use a sharp knife and scrape the corn on cob from top to bottom. We want only the kernels.

– Put the roasted & salted cashew nuts into an electric blender and blend for 20-30 seconds. Transfer the cashew nuts into a small bowl.

-Put the red Bird eye chilli, garlic, fish sauce, lemon juice and honey into the blender and blend until all ingredients combined. This is your salad dressing.

-In a large mixing bowl, put the shredded raw papaya, sweetcorn, tomatoes, salad dressing and cashew nuts. Toss all the ingredients together.

-Transfer this fresh Papaya Salad on the serving dish and serve immediately.


-An authentic Papaya Salad uses the pestle and mortar. So if you have got one, please feel free to use it.  

-Thais often serve this salad with roast chicken and sticky rice. But I do love it with fried battered scampi. Yes, I said it!!!! The mild acidity of salad goes perfectly well the good old English scampi…. oven cooked or deep fried…it’s all good.

-Use the swede or carrot if you struggle to find the raw papaya. But let’s face it… This dish is called papaya salad after all.

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