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Tofu Nuggets

Tofu Nuggets

Serve: 1


200 gram                                     Extra firm tofu

1 pinch                                        Salt and black pepper

300 ml                                         Vegetable oil

Ingredients for batter:

240 gram                                     Self-raising flour

3 teaspoon                                   Baking soda

1 teaspoon                                    Salt

1 teaspoon                                    Bouillon Powder (Vegan)

1 teaspoon                                    Soft brown sugar

1 teaspoon                                    Paprika powder

350 ml                                          Extra cold water

1/4 teaspoon                                 Garlic powder

1/4                                                Lemon wedge (optional)






– Tare tofu by hands in bite-size pieces.

– Mix the self-raising flour, baking soda, Salt, Bouillion powder, soft brown sugar, paprika powder, garlic powder, and extra-cold water into the medium mixing bowl.

-Use the handheld whisker to mix all the ingredients together.

-Heat the vegetable oil at 180 celsius. YOu can either use the dep fat fryer but I fried my tofu in the medium a saucepan.

-Dip the seasoned tofu. Make sure that the batter covers the tofu well.

-Fry until the crispy tofu cooked. Mine took 2-3 minutes for each tofu.

-Remove the nuggets out and drain in excess oil by the kitchen towel.

-Squeeze the lemon juice on top and serve immediately with the sweet chili sauce, satay sauce, etc. 


-I always press the tofu for at least 2 hours before cooking. This way, I can make sure that the tofu is dry which is easy to cook. Have a look at this blog for tofu cooking tips 

-Don’t like deep fry? Check this bake tofu nuggets recipe of mine. 

Tofu Nuggets





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