Thai Food Made Easy | CRAB FLUTE
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Crab Flute



120 gram                   White crab meat

100 gram                   Mince pork

150 ml                        Oil

1 clove                        Garlic-finely chopped

1                                   Spring onion-finely chopped

10 sheet                      Spring roll square pastry (6 inches)

1 tsp                             Sugar

1/2 tsp                         Fish sauce

1/2 tsp                         Ground black pepper

1/2 tsp                          Lemon juice

1 pinch                          Paprika powder


-Prepare the spring roll sheet as what instructed on the package.

-Mix crab meat, minced pork, spring onion, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, ground black pepper and lemon juice in the mixing bowl.

-Lay the spring roll sheet on the flat surface then put the crab fillings in the middle (length way). Then roll the sheet.

-Seal the roll by damped the edge with water. Repeat this process until finish all the fillings.

-Heat the oil in the frying pan. Fry the crab flutes and keep turning until they become golden brown in colour and fillings are cooked (Approx4-5 minutes) Remove the crab flutes and transfer them on the kitchen towel.

-Serve Crab Flute immediately with sweet chilli sauce, crispy salad as a starter.

*You can cook the delicious Crab Flutes in advance and reheat in the oven nearer to the serving time*


-Not sure where to get the fresh crabmeat? Don’t panic, I used the white crabmeat from the can.

-Do not put too many fillings onto a spring roll as you wanted them to be cooked evenly.  

-You can also enjoy the Crab Flute as the garnish on top of the noodles soup.

Happy cooking.??

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