Thai Food Made Easy | THAI SCOTCH EGG
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Thai Scotch Egg 


2                                Part boiled egg

225 gram.                 Lean Mince pork

1                                 Fresh egg

1/2                            Red Chilli

1 clove                     Garlic

50 gram                   Red onion-chunky chopped

50 gram                   Panko breadcrumb

25 gram                   White bread-cut in pieces

10 gram                    Flour

1 tsp                          Oyster sauce

1 tsp                          Fish sauce

1 tsp                          Sugar

1/2 tsp                      Salt

1/4 tsp                      Thai red curry paste


-Blend the red chilli, garlic, onion and bread in an electric blender until the mixture becomes fairly smooth. Set aside

-Crack an egg in the shallow bowl and beat with a fork. Put the flour and panko breadcrumbs on the separate plates.

-Mix the minced pork, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar, Thai red curry paste, salt, the herbs mixture and half of the beaten egg into the large bowl. Use your hands to bind all the ingredients together.

-Lay the cling film (approx 30 cm*30 cm) on the flat surface. Use half of the mixture, squash and flatten the mixture on the cling film.

-Put the boiled egg in the middle, then use the cling film to help roll the mince around the egg to completely encase. (Repeat the same process with the other boiled egg).

-Remove the cling film, roll the encase egg on the flour then egg and lastly on panko breadcrumbs. Gently shape it into a round ball. ( Repeat the same process with the other encase egg)

-Put the oil and heat it in the deep fat fryer to 180 degree Celsius and fry for approx 10-12 minutes.

-Enjoy Thai Scotch Egg with a leafy salad or save it for later. It’s all good.


-How to boil an egg for the Scotch egg. I boil the egg about 7-8 minutes then remove the hot water quickly and put the egg in the icy cold water. Gently remove the shell as soon as the egg is cool down.

-Check Thai Scotch Egg with Fresh plum sauce if you haven’t got a deep fat fryer.

-I used Panko Breadcrumb this time. It is super light and extra crispy.

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