Thai Food Made Easy | KAI-TOON
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Easy Thai recipes

Serve: 1


2                                  Egg

260ml                         Water

1/2tbs                         Oyster sauce

1/2tbs                         Light soy sauce

1                                   Pinch of sugar

1                                   Pinch of Cayenne pepper

1tbs                              Fresh cucumber-cubed


-Lightly beat the eggs, water, oyster sauce, soy sauce and pinch of sugar.

-Sift  the egg mixture in the serving bowl.

-Transfer the bowl in the steamer. Steam the egg mixture using medium to low heat for approx 14-17 minutes.

-Sprinkle This velvety Kai-Toon with cayenne pepper and cucumber. Serve immediately.


– For mellow aroma of this healthy Thai dish. Use 1 cube of bouillon powder dissolves in the water instead of the soya sauce and oyster sauce if you found those ingredient too fragrance/strong.

Easy Thai recipes

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