Thai Food Made Easy | GIANT SPAM SUSHI
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Easy Thai recipes
Giant Spam Sushi
Serve: 2
250 gram.             Spam-sliced 
300 gram.             Cooked Sushi rice 
65 gram.                Batter mix
1tsp.                        Baking soda
75ml.                      Water 
4tbs.                        Coconut oil
1tsp.                        Mirin
1.                              Pinch of salt and ground black pepper
6.                              Sushi ginger/ pickled ginger -thinly sliced
3                             Nori sheet


– Cook the sushi rice according to the package instructed.
– Put the batter mix, baking soda, water , salt and ground pepper into the bowl. Whisk until all the ingredients combined.
– Put the coconut oil into the frying pan.
– Dunk the Spam slices into the wet mixture. 
– Fry the Spam until it cooked throughout. Transfer the Spam on the kitchen roll.
– Once the rice cooked,transfer it into the bowl ,add the mirin, pinch of salt and pepper. Then gently fold.Enjoy this Giant Spam Sushi as you eat sandwich.
– Lay  the 2 nori sheets in the small loaf tin, push the nori against the tin with the damp hands.
– Layer the sushi by put the spam at the bottom, follow by the ginger slices and lastly the sushi rice. Gently apply the pressure to flattened the sushi. 
– Cover the  rice with the other nori sheet , again gently push it down and side way until the sheet hold the ingredients tightly together. 
– Turn the tin up side down on the chopping board.Then cut the sushi loaf with the sharp knife into your prefer size.


-For an intense flavour, dip this sushi in the soy sauce and wasabi or Sriracha sauce for an intense flavour.

-Not keen on the ready-made batter? You can use Panko (Japanese breadcrumb), Gluten free breadcrumb or even make your own batter. Happy cooking!

Easy Thai recipes

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