Thai Food Made Easy | Coconut Ice Lolly with Jack Fruit (VEGAN)
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Coconut Ice Lolly with Jack Fruit (VEGAN)

Coconut Ice Lolly with Jack Fruit (VEGAN)



400 ml.                     Thai or organic coconut milk
4tbs.                          Sugar
1/2 tsp.                      Salt
3.                                Jackfruit piece -sliced

Kitchen tool:            Ice Lolly Maker


– Put the coconut milk in the pan then the sugar .
– Heat the coconut milk gently until sugar is dissolved.
– Mix the salt in with coconut milk, stir gently and leave it to cool.
– Put a little portion of sliced jack fruit pieces in the ice lolly mould
– Pour in the coconut milk in each ice lolly mould, and then put the lid on.
– Put the filled ice lolly maker in the freezer for overnight.
– When you ready , take the lolly maker out and enjoy the creamy, cool, fresh taste of tropical ☀️.


You can use pineapple, strawberry, desiccated coconut instead of jack fruit. Be creative as much as you like. ???


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