Thai Food Made Easy | CREME EGG BAO BUN
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Creme Egg Bao Bun



6                                               Creme Egg

300 gram                                Self Raising Flour

10 gram                                   Dry Yeast

220 ml                                      Warm Milk

2 tablespoon                           Caster sugar

1/4 teaspoon                           Salt






– Mix the warm milk and dry yeast in the small bowl.

-Put the self-raising flour into large mixing bowl, add the liquid mixture and stir with the fork. (I used the chop stick).

-Use your hands to knead the mixture until it forms the dough. I kneaded the dough for 5-8 minutes. Cover with cling film and proof the dough until it doubles the size. Approx 1 hour.

-Knead for further five minutes and cut the dough in 6 portions. Shape each portion into round balls and proof for a further 20 minutes.

-Use the rolling pin to flatten the dough into round shape. Approx  15 diameter.

-Remove the wrap from the creme egg. Place the creme egg in the middle of the flatten dough. Fold each corner and cover the egg well. Gently roll, apply slight pressure to shape the bao into a lovely round ball. Repeat the same process for 5 more creme eggs.

-Proof for further 10-15 minutes.

-Steam Creme Egg Bao Buns in the high heat for 15 minutes. Turn the hob off and leave the baos in the steamer for a further 5  minutes.

-Serve and enjoy these Chocolate Bao Bun immediately.




– Click here to find out .. what is proofing means?

-Make sure you remove the steamer lid quickly to avoid the condensation water get on the buns.

-You can replace the chocolate Creme Egg with sweet stuffing, sweet red bean paste or even a thick custard. Happy cooking.??





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