Thai Food Made Easy | Desserts and Drinks
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Desserts and Drinks

Easter is coming and it would be a crime if I’m not make something from Creme Egg. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pineapple Fritter

A popular Thai dessert but lighter, crispier, and absolutely easy to make. I prepare this dish within less than 10 minutes. Sweet happiness indeed.

Mini Pudding in Sweet Coconut Sauce

The best thing comes in a small package. Check this mini tropical cake out and enjoy it. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Cantaloupe in Coconut Milk (Vegan)

Cantaloupe in coconut milk(Vegan). Super fresh yet satisfying. Not to mention it is super easy to make. It took me literally 15 minutes max!

This Coconut Pancake recipe is Gluten free, Dairy free and Vegan. Thais called “Pang-Jee” It has a sweet and salty taste. It can be created as a savoury or sweet snack depends on the toppings. I would serve in a small portion as coconut can be quite filling.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Mango Margarita is absolutely delicious and guilt-free. It is a drink that suits everyone. I love the velvety consistency and refreshing taste.Not to mention, there isn’t any alcohol in it! Happy Drinking ??‍?

Thai Short Bread AKA Ka-Nom-Glebe-Lum-Duan is such a lovely cookie. Try it with lemongrass tea. Lovely, refreshing and satisfying.  Happy cooking??‍?

Tom Yum Coca-Cola is such an exciting drink to accompany your Thai dishes. It is aromatic and refreshing. It is a good drink to impress your guests without making them feel alienated from this nation favourite soft drink. Happy Drinking ??‍?

Thai Custard with Sweet Sticky Rice is a traditional Thai dessert which is quite hard to find. But it is extremely therapeutic to cook. Everything needs to be prepared gently and slowly. But really worth a delicate taste. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pandam Jam AKA Sung-Ka-Ya-Bai-Teuy reminds me of my childhood. My dad often took me and my brother to our favourite Thai style bakery which sells only toasts with various spreads and hot drinks. We sat and talked about our days…simply happiness. Happy Cooking ??‍?

I was inspired by my local spa who served me this lovely tea whilst waiting for the treatment. The natural sweet aroma of Pandan and freshness of  Lemongrass make me feel comforting yet invigorating. It reminds me that happiness in life often comes in the simplest form. Happy Cooking ??‍?

What could be more romantic than making Valentine’s Cocktail for your special one? Lychee Champagne Cocktail is fun yet sophisticated. I love having this drink with Thai starters, it goes well with deep-fry dishes too. Guiltyyyy??‍?

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I know Rambutan is not the prettiest looking fruit but its naturally sweet and beautiful flesh makes it one of my favourite tropical fruit. Granita is the easiest desserts ever! No cooking involves. It is so refreshing and clears the palette well which is wonderful after your heavy and spicy Thai meal. Happy No Cooking ??‍?

Papaya is one of the tropical fruit, which packed full of nutrients. The ripens papaya has got an appetising bright orange colour and the soft flesh is super refreshing. I create this recipe as wanting a snack that goes with my beloved coffee instead of the usual biscuit. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Chocolate lovers look no further! This Chocolate Chilli Cheesecake with Thai flare is super indulgent and add Wow factor to your dinner party. No baking is a bonus. You can make in advance then garnish and serve nearer at the time. Happy Cooking ??‍?

It is hot out there but I would rather stay outside than spending time in the kitchen. The coconut ie lolly is a perfect treat with very little fuzz, it also contains very little sugar compared to other lollies in the market. You can drizzle it with the melted dark chocolate for an extra magic. Happy Cooking ??‍?

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Matcha powder is a pure form of green tea, originated from China. However, we will mostly find it being served in a Japanese restaurant. Thais love Matcha. We put it in ice cream, drinks, cakes. It’s also packed full of anti-oxidants.Happy Cooking ??‍?

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I do love this delicate creamy dessert. It’s easy to make and the result is impressive. Let it set in a fancy teacup, so you don’t have to bother about turning it upside down when served. Happy Cooking ??‍?

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I adore this classic Thai dessert. It’s sweet, juicy with the slight tanginess of mango goes well with the rich, coconutty and creamy glutinous rice. It’s perfect after a light and spicy main course. Happy Cooking ??‍?

It’s a trendy ingredient for people who love a healthy dessert. Thais use Basil AKA “Med-Mang-Luk” seeds which have very much the same consistency as Chia seeds. Happy Cooking ??‍?


This is a great alternative to a sweet coffee shake. This drink has got a nutty taste but yet a super refreshing. It is a pre-workout drink. It can be served hot or cold. Lotus root is a great source of vitamin C, Iron, Phosphorus,Copper, Manganese etc. 

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This authentic Thai dessert reminds me of my youth. I have this warm pudding as a mid-morning/afternoon snack. It is creamy, sweet and salty. Thais serve this treat in a tiny bowl as it can be heavy. Happy Cooking ??‍?


This is another easy Thai cold dessert which is not often seen. It’s called “Woon-Ma-Prao” The creaminess of coconut milk jelly goes very well with a sweet aroma of Pandanus leaf jelly. A great alternative to ice cream. Happy Cooking ??‍?


It’s nearly summer, I really want to try and make a dessert to cool us down and this time I will give an ice lolly a go. Let me introduce you to “Jack Fruit” Its golden flesh and shape like a pretty tulip. It is sweet yet super fresh. Happy Cooking ??‍?

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This fresh, luxurious and indulgent recipe is inspired by my favourite tropical fruit.It is perfect after spicy Thai main course. The combination of velvety cheesecake goes well with a sharp yet sweet mango.


This Thai dessert is packed full of potassium, super cheap and incredibly easy to make. It can be served hot or cold. Happy Cooking ??‍?

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I drank this tea almost every other day when I was in Thailand. It is sweet and creamy. You should accompany this drink with Cakoi. Most Thais like the cold version which is balanced well with spicy dishes. It is quite high in sugar so take it easy! Happy Cooking ??‍?

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Autumn is coming to UK. I am after a guilt-free dessert. This delightful and easy dessert is refreshing yet comforting. Chilli flakes and lightly squeeze of lime juice will lift this dish and clean the palette well. You can replace mango with pineapple as well.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

Thailand is not famous for its baking but you will find Pandan Chiffon cake in every town. It is light fluffy and not too sweet which perfect for the hot climate. I use Matcha powder as surrender to its goodness. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Pumpkin Pudding

This vegan Thai treat is gluten-free. The creamy, velvety from the sweet coconut milk reminded me of my childhood. Having this dessert in front of a television, in my pajamas. Simply happiness. Happy Cooking ??‍?

Easy Thai recipes

This is such a lovely dessert for breakfast. Thais use the basil seeds but Chia seeds have pretty the same consistency. This recipe is super easy to make and full of nutrients i.e. Calcium, Protein, Fibre…  Happy Cooking ??‍?

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This easy Thai snack reminds me of the sunshine in Thailand.Try to get fresh corn on the cob and young coconut flesh.  Happy Cooking ??‍?

Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee AKA “O-Liang” is such a refreshing drink in warmer weather. It is super easy to make. The original “O-Liang” is also vegan as we serve without milk.

Banana in Coconut Milk

Thais called this Vegan Thai dessert ” Kluai-Buat-Chee” You can rock this baby up in less than 20 minutes. It has only 4 main ingredients. What not to like!! Happy Cooking.

Cramberry Fizz

This drink is a perfect mocktail to goes with your decadent breakfast i.e. Egg Benedicts or smoked salmon. It is great with many Thai starters too. I paired it with Chicken satay, Prawn toast or Vegan spring roll. It’s all good. Happy drinking!!

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