Thai Food Made Easy | Lotus root, apple and pear water
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Lotus root, apple and pear water

Lotus root, apple and pear water ? ???



200 grams Small lotus root peeled and sliced.
600 ml. Water
1/2. Golden delicious apple thinly sliced.
1/2. Conference pear lengthy sliced.
2tbs. Honey
1/2tbs. Sugar
1 handful. Crushed ice

Pick the clean one (inside)to make the water.


– Put water and lotus root in the pot, bring it to boil , then turn the heat down to medium to low and wait until lotus root is cooked but not soften ( approx 30 minutes).
– Turn the heat down to low then add honey and sugar , gently heat until sugar dissolves.
– Add the apple and pear , then close the lid , remove the pot from the heat and let all ingredients infuse for 1 hour.
– Strain all the ingredients out and pour the infused water in a big mason jar with lots of ice. Then put a couple of lotus root and apple slices for garnish. Yes, you can eat those garnishes as well.


-You can also use this recipe but replace the lotus root, apple and pear with the herbs, flowers or aromatic plants. I mix the water chestnut with some mint leafs or the pandanus leafs with jasmine flowers , be creative and enjoy the summer ?.

– Leave the sugar out if you wanted to serve this drink hot.


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