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Thai Custard with Sweet Sticky Rice

Thai Custard with Sweet Sticky Rice

Serve: 2-3

Ingredients for Thai custard:

200 gram                   Thai coconut milk
100 gram                   Palm sugar
5                                Pandanus leaf
4                                Small egg
1 pinch                       Salt
Ingredients for Sweet sticky rice:
100 gram                    Glutinous rice
100 ml                        Thai coconut milk
2 tbs                           Sugar
1 pinch                        Salt


Put the glutinous rice in the sieve then wash it under the running water for approx 2 minutes. Transfer the rice into the bowl and soak in the hot water for a further 2 hours.

-Crack the eggs in the large bowl, add the pandanus leaves and palm sugar. Use your hand to mix all the ingredients together, squeeze the pandanus leaves as much as you can. Make sure the palm sugar dissolved.

-Add Thai coconut milk and salt into the same mixing bowl. Use your hand to blend all the ingredients together.

-Strain the wet mixture with the sieve to remove undesirable particles. This process will leave you with a smooth velvety custard liquid.

-Prepare a traditional steamer as usual.

-Pour the custard into the ramekins and place them in the hot steamer. Turn the heat down to medium to low heat and steam until Thai custard is cooked ( approx 20-25 minutes)

-Remove the ramekins of the heat and set aside.

-Gently heat 100 ml of Thai coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar and salt in the small saucepan. Once the coconut milk is starting to boil. Remove it from the heat. This is your sweet coconut sauce.

-Drain the water off the glutinous rice and spread them on the top basket of a steamer. (You can use the same steamer after cooking the custard). Close the lid for 3 minutes. Then use the wooden spoon to gently turn the sticky rice to ensure that the rice will cook evenly. Close the lid for further 3  minutes and repeat this process until the sticky rice is softened. Usually, it will take about 10-12 minutes. Transfer the cooked glutinous rice into the bowl.

-Reheat the sweet coconut sauce and add this sauce into the hot glutinous rice. Add a little at a time while folding the coconut sauce and rice together. Leave the last 20 ml of this sauce aside.

-Assemble the Thai custard and sweet sticky rice. Drizzle the rest of sweet coconut sauce on top and enjoy.


–  Make sure you steam that custard in a low heat. It will create a smoother texture and not look like scrambled eggs.

– Squeeze the pandanus leaves as much as you can. It will give a lovely aroma to your custard. 

-Make sure the sticky rice and sweet coconut sauce are warm when you fold both ingredients together.

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